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Dowsing For Health & Wellbeing

The art of dowsing goes back centuries, its original main purpose was for finding pure clean drinking water, the most fertile land in which to grow fresh produce and graze livestock. Dowsing then progressed its usage to finding and mining precious metals such as gold, silver, tin, copper along with gem stones.

My interest in dowsing first began when I had completed my training as spiritual (energy healer) in my late teens. I was introduced to Jack Temple who was a pioneer in the field of dowsing. I attended his talks and workshops and joined a group of dowsers and would go out to various locations such as the Avebury stones and Stonehenge long before it was closed off to the general public. 

As my interest grew in this fun and rewarding field so did my ways of using and applying dowsing into my everyday life. ​

It was during my time studying anatomy and physiology that I gained greater understanding of the mineral / crystalline composition contained within the human body. 

It was a lightbulb moment for me, everything fell into place perfectly. I then really understood the how and the reasons why dowsing was so effective for locating any imbalances within the electromagnetic energy field (aura) of the physical body. I realised that I had always been using my skill as a dowser, right from the beginning of my training as a spiritual healer.​

When the energy pathways known in Chinese medicine as the meridian lines become blocked the positive energy is unable to flow in and around the body efficiently. This causes an imbalance within the body’s energy system known as the Chakras.

This has the potential to cause dis-ease within the natural function of the body’s systems and can lead to a variety of physical ailments such as headaches, muscle aches and pains and fatigue.    

Once any negative energy blockages have been identified they can then be broken down and removed via distant healing.​

Distant healing can also be used for pets as well as dispersing the negative effects of geometric stress within a building or a specific location.​

Once I have correlated all the necessary information given, I can then devise a bespoke treatment plan; set up the healing grid and can commence with the distant healing process, this continues over a twenty eight day cycle and can be repeated if necessary.
The key benefits of absent healing:
  • Breaks down any negative energy blockages on the energy pathways (meridians lines) that maybe present within the physical body or auric field of the person or animal receiving the treatment; which creates a state of balance to the mind, body and spirit.

  • Helps to build and create a positive mind-set, aiding the ability to rest and relax more easily.

  • Promotes a better sleep pattern.

  • Assists in spiritual growth and emotional/physical rejuvenation. 

The information I require is as follows:
  • A request for absent/distant healing via email or by phone.

  • A ‘witness’ such as a picture, or name and date of birth of the person or animal if known. This enables a channel to be opened for the healing energy to flow and be directed to the recipient.

  • I will also require some background to the nature of the illness and or situation.

  • I then create a grid, check energy flow within the auric field around the person/animal receiving the treatment  

  • Once I am satisfied that a definite connection has made with the recipient the exchange of energy can then begin to flow and the treatment commences.

  • The treatment runs over a twenty eight day period. This enables the treatment to start at any given time during a calendar month.

  • This service includes a 15 minute weekly check in with the client to see how they are progressing, times and dates will be agreed at time of booking the service.

Dowsing for Health and Wellbeing
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