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Tarot Consultancy & Dowsing For Health & Wellbeing

A warm welcome to the Hedge-Witch Website..

Having run a holistic health practice for thirty years, offering a variety of treatments such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, crystal therapy and past life regression, and being called a white witch pretty much throughout these years. I made the decision to live up to my reputation and focus on offering the two services that were the actual foundation of my holistic business all those years ago. These are Tarot consultancy and Dowsing for health and wellbeing which encompasses energetic healing.  

The Tarot is certainly no stranger to me as I have been using the Tarot for the purpose of divination and spiritual development for over forty years. It has allowed me to help and support a large number people from all walks of life to overcome the troubles and strife that life can so often present leaving us in a state of indecision and confusion. 

The Dowsing aspect of what I offer as a treatment is the divination of the human body. Using a pendulum allows me to locate any energy blockages that maybe present on the physical level of the body, although everything begins to manifest on the outer levels of the auric field. Once an energy blockage has been identified the gentle but effective positive energy can be directed to where it is needed the most bringing about a state of balance and harmony. I also apply the use of specifically programmed crystals, essential oils and other wonderful tools gathered by me over time from our long and rich healing heritage.

I look forward to helping you stay happy and healthy.

Ann Foster

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