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Ann Foster Hedge-Witch
Tarot Consultancy
Tarot cards have been used as a spiritual tool since the mid 15th century, offering insight, reassurance, clarity & guidance. Ann, the Founder of Hedge-Witch, has over 40 years experience, utilising spiritual intuition as well as connection to imagery and symbolism, she will select the most suited Tarot Card deck to you. She will gain an insight into the past, present & future by formulating questions & then interpreting the cards drawn.
30 minutes - £35.00

60 minutes - £50.00

Ann Foster Hedge-Witch
Dowsing For Health & Wellbeing
The art of dowsing goes back centuries, its original main purpose was for finding pure clean drinking water, the most fertile land in which to grow fresh produce and graze livestock. Dowsing then progressed its usage to finding and mining precious metals such as gold, silver, tin, copper along with gem stones.
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