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Tarot Cards
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Tarot Consultancy

Tarot cards have been used as a spiritual tool since the mid 15th century, offering insight, reassurance, clarity & guidance. Ann, the Founder of Hedge-Witch, has over 40 years experience, utilising spiritual intuition as well as connection to imagery and symbolism, she will select the most suited Tarot Card deck to you. She will gain an insight into the past, present & future by formulating questions & then interpreting the cards drawn.
30 minutes - £35.00

60 minutes - £50.00

Example questions you can ask Ann:
  • What’s the best / next step for me to take right now?
  • What obstacle do I need to overcome? 

  • What outcome is most likely with option A? (or option B?)

  • What do I need to know about the situation with my..? or what should I do about..?

  • What are the pros & cons of these choices?

  • What blessings are coming to me from the universe?

  • What’s holding me back?

  • What can I learn from the past?

  • What is my strongest asset or what is my most valuable quality

  • What steps can I take to improve my health?

  • What is standing between me & my goals?

  • What is something I should stop avoiding

  • What is something I should never forget?

  • What is the biggest source of stress right now?

  • What is the one thing I need to be truly happy?

  • What should I be most grateful for?

  • What could I have done better (or differently?) 

  • What is my purpose here on Earth?

  • How can I be more confident? 

  • What is something I should do before it’s too late?

  • What is missing from my life?

  • What is something I should let go of?

  • How do I get more energy & feel energised 

  • What should I focus my attention on?

  • What does the Universe / Spirit / Angels need to tell me

  • What message do I need to hear from ancestors / loved ones who have passed?

  • Who has the biggest influence on my life right now?

  • What steps can I take to start healing?

  • What do I need to know today?

  • How can I improve my self- esteem / self -worth

Ann Foster Hedge-Witch
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