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Tarot Cards
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About Hedge-Witch

Ann Foster

Founder, Tarot Consultant & Spiritual Healer


Allow me to share a brief look into my world and how my career began in the field of complementary medicine. 

The doors of the spiritual realms opened for me when I stumbled upon a pack of Tarot cards at a local jumble sale, they were contained in a simple plain wooden box that cost just a few pennies. That was back in 1974! 

I was soon to discover that I had been gifted 78 keys to esoteric wisdom and had no trouble in understanding the messages contained therein.   

Tree Roots

Tarot Consultancy & Dowsing For Health & Wellbeing

Little did I know that this would be just the beginning of a most extraordinary journey which lead me to being invited to join a group of Spiritual healers in my early teens, who would take me under their wings and encourage me to become a spiritual healer and to teach the art of Tarot by the age of just eighteen...


I will always be eternally grateful to this big hearted group of people for their loving guidance and support. 

In my early-twenties I decided that I wanted to take my skills as a healer into the world and follow my ambition to run my own business. I decided to embark upon the path to becoming an Aroma therapist. I attended a ten week introductory course in aromatherapy at the local adult education centre; I was hooked!! 

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I then took the leap of faith and handed in my notice as the manageress of a well-known fine china and crystal retailer, and enrolled on a course to learn Anatomy and Physiology, which included Swedish massage course. This addition would lead me to becoming a fully qualified Aroma therapist and by the spring of 1990 I set up my practice from my home in Staines Middlesex, which was to become a success and went from strength to strength. 

During this time I attended a workshop on Crystals, run by Lettie Vantol. We became friends, and Lettie inspired me to become a Crystal Therapist, which I did and qualified in 1992 at the Vantol college of Crystal Therapy. Lettie was the person who encouraged me to become a tutor not only within her College but, for Adult Education which I did from 1997 to 2004 and it was during this time that I gained my City & Guilds 7307 in teaching adults. 

I have continued to teach and inspire others ever since, I have also continued to add to my skills and now offer a variety of Complementary therapies, these include Spiritual Counselling, Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, and Animal Healing.

The 90’s were an amazing time for me, I was fortunate to meet so many wonderful inspirational people, one being the late Dolores Cannon who triggered my interest in hypnotherapy / past life regression.

Having benefiting from Hypnosis myself and undergoing the process of being regressed back into some of my own past lives, which actually answered a lot of questions for me personally, and helped me to understand the how, where and more importantly why I have the skills that I have. Consequently at the first opportunity, I enrolled on a course in Clinical Hypnotherapy. The course ran over a period of two years and included past life regression and professional counselling to diploma level.  

I have mastered many skills over my thirty years as a complementary health practitioner, too many to list in fact, as I have never stop learning and also feel that it is important to practice what I teach. 

I was also given the opportunity teach at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary from 2012 to 2019, teaching spiritual healing to diploma level.

Since moving to Devon in 2016 I have continued to offer my services in complementary medicine along with teaching Crystal Therapy to diploma level, and run various different workshops on the therapies that I feel passionate about. These include Spiritual development, Dowsing for health, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. 

I am confident that I can offer you a positive health solution that will assist you on your path to good health and well-being.

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