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Caroline Graham T
Celtic Knot Green

"Once in a while there appears in our plane of existence a teacher, healer and spiritual guide who really is a true visionary.   Rather than imposing fashionable trends in spiritual esoteric work, not always safe or reliable, but so often latched onto by the unwary or the desperately vulnerable,  Ann Foster is able instead to ‘see’ and draw out, from those who are fortunate to seek her help,  their own unique latent gifts hidden within, and to help her clients explore their potential. By working in this way each person finds, or confirms their true purpose in this life, and so encourages a very deep healing  for them.  Ann works in many ways tailored to each individual needs.  For my own part,  I benefited by exploring my past lives, guided safely and impeccably by Ann who actually ‘travells’ with you through your experiences. I found that it explained much in my present life, especially certain back problems  which  is my task in this life to overcome. It was very affirming for my spiritual path,  as I discovered a past life which had  begun it. In fact I found it much easier to understand, what would seem to others,  on the surface, a rather disjointed  winding way through.  Ann also read my Tarot cards as part of my study of the Tarot with her. In this medium Ann is really exceptional, excelling above and beyond most readers. The Tarot illuminates her visionary gifts, laid before, and at the disposal of the seeker, so revealing meaning and understanding of one’s interpersonal relationships and indeed to the world at large.  Ann is also an exemplary guide to the Tarot student through this rich spiritual heritage.  


Ann has encouraged the expansion of my level of perception and raised my confidence in working in the healing Arts.  Overall she has undoubtedly contributed to my own spiritual development towards discovering  a truer and more authentic Self.  I consider myself very fortunate to know her and to have her continuing support and guidance."

Caroline Graham

Wendy Stepney T

"I can’t recommend Ann Foster enough I have known this lady for nearly eight years, her knowledge of spirituality is mind blowing. As a practising accredited healer there has been many times that I have needed spiritual guidance and counselling myself, Ann has an ability to put everything into perspective and has a gift of explanation that brings clarity and understanding to any situation.

Thank you Ann for sharing your gifts and knowledge, you have the biggest heart it’s an honour to know you.

With heartfelt thanks and gratitude."

Wendy Stepney

Christin Juin T

I undertook a Spiritual Healing Course at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary a few years back and today more than ever I thank you Ann for being there the way you were. 

I don't think I ever told you that it was thanks to you, to your devotion of what you were teaching, the clarity of it, the organisation of all the contents, to the joy, love and your ongoing confidence and support that I could find the motivation to finish the course with all the travelling it implied for me. 

You were actually the pillar of the course, which, without your presence would have fallen into mere repetition of gestures or indifference to our progress and/or difficulties.

If all courses were taught,  supervised, accompanied by teachers like Ann Foster, Spiritual Healing would be lived, practiced and shared all over bringing all the healing love and light people need at a particular moment in their lives to overcome all kind of situations, both physical as emotional. 


Since I met Ann Foster, I have found both a confident and a friend to accompany me and my family through the difficult moments and serious illnesses we've had to deal with. The generosity of her heart and time have been extraordinary in our paths.

I, as well as the doctors in charge of different members of my family, have noticed an inexplicably quick and ongoing recovery from the different illnesses and surgeries they went though as receiving Spiritual Healing from Ann. 

Ann is an amazingly powerful loving spiritual healer, as soon as she sends healing to someone, that person starts feeling and being better, to the point of doctors saying literally "we don't know what you're doing, but keep on doing it, we've never seen a recovery like this"!!!! 

Ann's Spiritual Healing has helped my children and grandchildren to overcome difficult family and personal crisis, we're all so thankful to her! 

This is why I wanted to write this testimonial, there aren't enough words to express my/our profound gratitude to the presence Ann has had for all my family and I. 

Thank you Ann

Christine Juin

Carrie Clark T

“Ann has helped me make difficult decisions, giving me guidance and reassurance. Her warm and welcoming heart made me feel safe and as though I was no longer 'doing life' alone. Thank you Ann.”

Carrie Clark

“I have known Ann since she was a tutor at a Crystal Therapy course I attended in 2000. Before she joined the team, I was having difficulty understanding some of the course work but as soon as Ann explained it in her own inimitable style, it all became clear. She has a calm approach which lends itself to being understood by all in the group & can adjust if necessary to suit all abilities. I learnt so much from Ann, not just on that one course but from serval others I have attended over the years on a range of subjects. I would recommend anyone to experience this for themselves, they will be very glad they did.”

Liz Pretty

"I have known Ann since 2013, when I commenced a two-year spiritual healing course and she was one of the tutors. She was a great support throughout and we met several times for one-to-one interviews, that were part of the curriculum; especially so, when I was going through a sudden bereavement. She was also the tutor for several weekend workshops that I participated in, that included dowsing, an awareness to crystal healing, and past lives. Ann also tutored a group for twelve months on an intermediate course of healing with crystals that I also participated with.  There were many times when Ann went out of her way, to travel long distances to support students at the healing sanctuary. I am happy to say, that we still keep in touch. A professional lady in the world of spiritual and crystal healing, who ‘knows her stuff!"

Bev Hicks

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